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28 January 2010



I will happily send you all my thread if it gets to Jeannine. I have three boxes of DMC, on little cardboard spools, and she can have them. Let me know how I can get them to you. If having a little bit of thread will make her happy and help get her through this calamiaty, let me help. I don't have fabric to stitch on, but I have fabric that could be used to make other things, if you know what I mean! Let me know. Please.
Marilyn Pruett

Erin Prais-Hintz

I will surely send you supplies. And I bet I could find others who would as well. I am praying for Jeannine. I hope she is well.
Enjoy the day.


I also want to do Whatever we can..... I will continue to watch, as You keep Us Posted on Events~


I Have lOTS of embroidery stuff..threads..hoops..patterns..etc! Never could get into it!!! Love to send it to your friend!!! Send me the address and I''ll throw it int the mail tomorrow!! Hugs!!!`debi


I hope she is well and that things will move quickly for the Haitian people.
I will start getting some things together too!!


absolutely. i'll have to ask a sales associate about embroidery thread because i am not sure if it's what i am thinking. can you tell i don't much about embroidery? :-)


Absolutely. Look forward to hearing details of your drive.


Count me in. I have lots of supplies and I think this idea is fabulous.


Angela Harris

Can't wait to hear where to send her supplies! LOVE the idea of material drives for these artists! You are finding SUCH fun ways to help. I'm excited for what's next.
Can't wait to see the auctions!
BTW: you are absolutely glowing in that picture. (And it's not the sweat! :)


I have floss I would be happy of heart to donate. Please email me with an address. Thank you. LindaSonia (baddabinda@yahoo.com)

Virginia Burrows

I'm waiting to hear where to send stuff! VB

Troy Louise

Please count me in - I have more than anyone person needs & would love to share with this lovely lady and any others too. Thank you!


I came here through the link on Charlotte Lyons blog :-)
I am a stitcher and would absolutely love to share threads, fabrics, needles, ANYthing a stitcher might need, with this wonderful lady from Haiti. Please let me know what I can send and where to send it.
Thanks so much, everything you're doing just touches my heart so much...


Hi Rebecca,
I have found this blog via Charlotte also. Thank you so much for giving us an additional way to feel useful and of value.
I have lots of DMC floss and am so very happy to contribute some. Please let us know where to mail it to and I will send it off.

Jeannine Berger "NeenerKnits"

Hi Rebecca, I found out about your link by browsing on Ravelry and then stumbled upon Charlotte's blog. I was surprised to see my own name "Jeannine" in your recent post and touched at the story of my "namesake" over in Haiti whom you met and who loves crafting/embroidery. I am a knitter. I could perhaps put something on my blog about it. Love what you are doing!

Gayla Rose

Please send an address to send embroidery supplies to.

Shelley Anderson

I closed a Needlepoint shop and have large quantities of cotton floss ( DMC ) & also #5 & #3 perle cotton also DMC. Jut let me know where to send it!


Jo Johnston

Here's another offer to send supplies. Just let me know where/how. How awful to be without the stuff of creativity!

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