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03 February 2010


Ann Bates

Rebecca- can you tell us more about the location and the community of Despinos? I want to do a yarn drive and work and church and would like to present a thorough picture of HBH as well as your compelling story to empower and inspire these women and their families. Thank you for all you do! All whining excused (and, not really even noticed!) :)

Suzette Ladouceur

I never thought any of your thoughts, comments, and posts contained any whining! You were crying out from your heart the call you felt the Lord lay on your heart for the women you had come in direct contact with. I, for one, am thankful for your constant reminders to look beyond our four walls at the needs of others.

Erin Prais-Hintz

I am with Ann...I would like to organize some sort of drive with some local businesses...and one of the country's oldest crafting businesses (Herrschners) that sells all these items is located in my home town. I would like to contact them to make them a drop site and see about donations if possible. The more info that I have the better.
If you prefer, you can email me directly with the information and I will see what I can do!
Enjoy the day!
Erin Prais-Hintz

Angela Harris

I didn't hear any whining. I heard something that was special to you was weighing on your heart and we are thrilled to help you and them and us to grow as artists and grow to be better people :)


Thank you, Rebecca. This list will be a great help. Blessings on your day :o)

jen duncan

I sure do appreciate you Rebecca. Heading out to my studio now!


I'm going to print this and take it to my quilting group on Thursday - everyone is always saying they have so much stuff...


Rebecca: I think God put you into Haiti so you could bring us all a way to help in a way that touches us. Needle, thread, yarn, fabric are common things that will tie women here to women there. You may not have been looking for such a big mission, but it found you and we all are supportive of your efforts. Keep up the good works. It's okay to think out loud, I know you weren't whining. Peace.

Kay, Oklahoma City

What a wonderful ministry you've begun and taken on! Could I please get the address for sending my supplies? Thank you SO much for all you're doing.


I'm so excited about this Rebecca! I can't wait to gather some supplies up soon! It thrills me to think that supplies I send to you will be put to use empowering the women of Haiti. xo

Diana B

I just read this post as I was preparing to return some yarn that I did not use in some projects I just completed. It was not the money - I just did not want the yarn sitting around - Now I know what I will do with it - along with a large stash of seed beads I have not touched in years, and many other items on your list - thank you for posting this and caring enough to think about the need for Haiti to rebuild themselves (with help) and not live off of handouts - it would be easy to do considering all that has happened to them.

chantal johnson

When do you want these items? Is there a date in mind. I will be going through my stash and giving with a full heart. thank you for what you are doing!1

Cassie I.

Can you use any other beads besides seed beads and wooden beads? I used to have a jewelry business and have so much stuff left, but I don't have as much of the above two types of beads as I have of others. Can you use any other types?

Kitty ~ Reflections From The Stone Nest

Oh Rebecca, I am so excited about this one. I will go through my stash and send you a box. I am not a quilter, so this one does me, just fine! :) :) :)

I am sad to read the email you got from a Haitian man in that they are not recovering yet from the earthquake. Such frustration for all, especially the Haitian people. :(



This is just such a great idea for me to go through and let all of that "I might have a use for that one day" stash and have it be put to a great much needed use. This is just such an amazing thing you have organized and I hope and pray many blessings on you as well as all of the lives that will be touched by your reaching out. :)


I just found this post, and I see the crafts needed list was from February 3rd. Are these specific crafts still needed?

I am a mixed media crafter and have lots of pretty papers too.

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