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02 February 2010


vicki sievers

I am from New Orleans and lived through exactly what you are talking about. We had to insist that New Orleanians got the contracts to do clean up & therefor employ New Orleanians. To help ourselves get ourselves on our feet again. I will never, ever forget those soldiers handing us cold water and MREs. They sustained us in the beginning and when they left there was this hole in my heart. Fear. What if we can't feed ourselves? You get dependent fast. And we are in American. Our disaster happened in America. I am fearful for Haiti. You are correct in wanting to teach them to fish. I am with you. I support you. Tell me how to help you help them. I want to give back for what I was given.


Come on ladies, not a time to be shy, post the Haiti by Hand link on your facebook status, tell people via email, ask a talented artist friend you know (or one you simply admire) to donate an item...stay connected and proactive. Lets not make Rebecca row this heavy boat by herself....


Please don't be discouraged, Rebecca. You are doing an amazing job. I sent a link to your Haiti Blog and the info about the yarn drive to everyone on my e mail list....I'm hoping you will soon be swimming in yarn :o) The job you have tackled will take time and while the earthquake makes it even more necessary, it also has most likely slowed down process and progress because of the imminent need of basic survival---and I'm guessing the Haitian women of Despinos are involved in their own ministry to victims right now, doing everything within their power to help...and what you are doing for them will enable them to do even more in the long run. $5000 may not seem like a lot to you, but to those women, it will seem like much much more. And the love and encouragment; the "I believe in you" attitude they are getting from you and the group you are working with state side will prove to be a very important componant of their success. They now know they are not alone. We're all in this together.


I have been helping the Haitians in Despinos for about 9 years. I love the Haitians and they do want to be independent. There is a quote from Chapter 4 of the book "Visualize Haiti" by Alecia Settle that says: "When asked why God would allow their suffering to continue, they have answered that God provides more than enough resources to the World; the problem is that not everyone is willing to share."
I have found a lot of people do want to help you at first but after a few months lose interest quickly. God will send you the right people to help you accomplish all He has in store for you to do to help these women to be independent and take care of their children and homes.


Rebecca, I totally agree with you and I'm sorry your cause is having a hard time. I'll do whatever I can - I knit and crochet and will be sending a few items your way for etsy. I'll download the 'how to submit things to etsy' pdf tonight as my limited bandwidth doesn't allow me to d/l anything during the day.
I'd be willing to help wherever I can. Keep up the faith.

Elizabeth Woodford

Donor Fatigue is a natural occurence, it happens after every disaster. My family has been involved in Haiti ever since my brother was there in the Peace Corps 25 years ago. My Mom sends money to an orphanage when she seels some fo her hand spun and hand knit wares, I make semi annual donations. We work mostly with education groups for the children, as the children are the future. Every person want to be able to take care of themselves. ahand up not a hand out is the right way to go. This disaster has refocused the world's attention to Haiti and now we must ber able to work smart and work to empower the people. This is what THEY want and this must be our focus!!! This gorup is on the right track and many will help you to stay there and will be there for support. This is a long term committment and Hiati ahs many layers of problems, but in a way these earthquakes have given a clean slate for a new start. Slow and steady wins!!
PEace and HUGS!!!

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