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01 February 2010



Wonderful! I have a stash to send you -- please forward address and thanks for all you are doing. It is lovely to aid in such a direct way.


Oh yes, please send me the address.



all that survives a storm is a woman and her art. god bless.


yes, please send me the address.

Yvonne Welty

I would love to help with this project. Send me information and I will definately particpate. Thanks for organizing this.
a librarian in Indiana

Julie B.

Rebecca, please send me the address as I have my yarn stash ready to go! Thanks so much!

P.S. Do the ladies also need crochet needles?

vicki sievers

Hi! Send me the addy and I'll send you some yarn!

Ann Bates

Rebecca- please email an address for me to ship yarn to. Do you need knitting needles too? Thanks!

Angela Harris

LOVE this idea. May I please have the shipping address?
I will definitely see if my church would be interested.

Elise Amour

Please send me the address and I will send some yarn. I wear my beautiful hand-stitched brooch (from your website) all the time.


Please send me the address for the yarn drive. I definitely have some to pass along!


Between my mom and I we have some yarn we can send as well. Please send the addy. Thx!
PS - will you be gathering embroidery string as well later? I have some of that too and could send it all at once if you are.
cokelush at gmail


Please send me the address for the yarn drive. It would be awful to yearn to create and have nothing to create with!


Please send the address to me as well...can I add more things before yarn...or are we doing one supply at a time?
Thanks for all your love and support...I want to help these women stand tall and regain their lives.


Please send me the address. I love how the blog world can connect us all.

Jenny Doh

This is awesome. Yarn coming your way.


please send me the address and will start going through my stash. let me know if there is anything else that they might want or need.

Leanne Shawler

Please send me the address ... I'm getting my church involved :)

blessings, Miss Rebecca!

Michelle Salcido

I'd love to send some yarn! After donating money, it's good to know we can do something else! Thanks!


Hi Rebecca,

I've been thinking about you a great deal during these last few weeks, and about how, often the timing of events in our lives happen for reasons that are greater than we could ever imagine. Thank you, for the opportunities to help the Haitien people. You are not only helping them, but also helping those of us who are feeling like we can't do enough.

I would very much like to gather and send yarn to this cause. Thank you.


Hi Rebecca,
What a great reason to go through my stash. Pls let me know where to send the yarn.

Leslie McF

please send me an address for yarn donations. Thanks


Please send me the address and I will be so happy to send some yarn. Thank you!

Belinda Seymour

Please send me the address and I have my yarn ready-thank you!!

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