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07 June 2010



What a great opportunity. Hope you sell LOTS!


Oh, I would sooooo love to come and help you at the booth! My son will be starting school in Minneapolis in the fall and how I'd love to go up there and visit him and meet you! But since I'll be there in early October, don't think that will happen. All the best. Hope it's a great success!


that just breaks my heart....I have been so waiting in hopes to purchase something from the wonderful women at Haiti....oh those lucky enough to get something.....I am sad but glad that you have a way to sell the wonderful things you brought back...best of luck and I will hope for the opportunity again

mary jane dodd

i am so happy for you but a little sad for me (selfishly)... i wish i could help you to list some things on etsy... because i know i would love to own some of what they made...

Lori Bei-Durst

Hi Rebecca,
Yes, I agree with the others. I was looking forward to the many goodies from Haiti that us out of staters (me being in California) could purchase thru the shop. I know you are busy, but maybe you could slowly add a few each week? :o)

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