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20 January 2011


auntie bliss

I am so sorry.
What a loss and you know those neighbors will miss her too.
I'll add the baby and family to my prayers.


Such hard words to read, Rebecca. How devastating...so hard to imagine the heartache being felt by people who have already experienced so much loss. My prayers will be with these people {and you}.


Indeed, I will pray for this family now and in days to come. "Oh Father, wrap them in your loving arms and comfort their broken hearts. Bring strength and healing to that newborn. Be with each of them in all the ways they need you most. Thank you, Lord."

Please post again about how they are doing.


Oh, life is full of such aching sorrow. My heart breaks for her family and her friends. I will pray.


That truly is heartbreaking! I will be praying for this family....


Rest In Peace Madam Ellison.


Sad with you, Rebecca, and praying for Madam Ellison and her family.

Shanie Christian

prayers are floating up to heaven xo


I will pray.

lorraine lewis

i am so sorry for this news- for the sadness it will bring to so many people.
sweet angel madam ellison has earned her wings and is needed elsewhere.

Cherie Wilson

Oh so sorry......and thankyou for asking. Yes, they will be prayed for. Much to take in all around us, it seems. I keep reminding myself to Take Heart! You too! XO


prayers being sent... God bless Toni

Danielle Gavito

I am so sorry to hear of her loss. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and children. May the Lord ease their suffering. If there is anything that the family needs please let us know.

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