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17 November 2011


Jill Ruskamp

You know I just came from a blog whose writer is incredible. She can describe feelings and scenes like no one I've read before. But, today she said she doesn't do "saints, gods, and demons" but she does love. I was speechless. Then I come here to your blog and your Haiti blog. I had to fight back tears. How can one be so blind as to the fact that God IS love. You demonstrate in a real and tangible way. These people "do God"! I'm not sure I'm making my point and I'm not sure really what it is except that it's so sad that so many people are living lives with beds and food and can't see the truth. Then there are these people who have nothing but can see. Thank you for all that you do.


I love this, Rebecca. One at a time. That's all that matters.

Cherie Wilson

He's all about the one, then another ONE and another ONE. This was my message yesterday, and now I am reading your post!
Thankyou for your heart to understand and your far reaching words of Truth and Hope sweet Rebecca!! He is the ONE! Bless you and your daughter as you melt back in a little to this "abundant" place. hmm
sending big love! XO

Dede Warren

Your "Now Collecting" list will be my charity of choice this holiday season Rebecca; I am so inspired by you! You are a blessing, not only to the people of Haiti but to us all!


Thanks for this opportunity to partner with you in this endeavor. So many times we want to help, but have no idea how to go about it, aside from making a donation somewhere.

tea time and roses

My dear sweet Mother would often tell us children whenever we were faced with the over whelming...."how do you eat an elephant"-one bite at a time.:)

You are truly an inspiration! Thanks so much!




hi Rebecca, I just found out about this awesome thing you are doing! I would love to participate with you. I am a scrapbooker/crafter and I am very interested in possible future trips to Haiti! I teach arts and crafts and am also a nurse. I would like to donate some craft items- but I am wondering if it's just easier for me to give a monetary donation, then you could purchase the exact items you need?
Let me know: ally.minimonkey@gmail.com
I too have a "heart" for the unfortunate ones... we have adopted our beautiful son Reece from Ethiopia, and we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from there as well.

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