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09 December 2011



This is a wonderful ministry idea. Thanks to all the quilters who make it happen.


I will do some gathering and get in touch soon :)

Diana Peck

I would like to donate fabric but I am unable to go through your email on the right hand of your blog. Could you please email me at [email protected] and let me know where to donate fabric. Thanks so much!


I am so excited about finding this! I was just going through my quilt stash the other day and wondering what to do with some scraps and quilt blocks that I have. This is wonderful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help!


I loaded up a box to send out today so I will get it in the mail this week. I have the address already. Happy to help!!


Oh my! I read about this through Pam Garrison's home page. I have a room full of quilt stuff that I will send along. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to donate some of my much loved fabric and notions that I no longer use. Cheers!


Are you still collecting quilts? I have a few tops finished I just need to put a backing on them also how thick batting do you use?

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