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30 June 2012


Heather A.

Now this is something I can totally do!! I'm in!!


I hope I can get this done! Traveling some this month, so I may not make the July 31 deadline.

Charlotte in VA

I am super excited to help out on this project. I have lots of fabric ready to cut out and printed out a couple of skirt patterns. Still working on about 20 aprons so might not get the skirts done by end of July. But I'm working away here in VA... too hot to go outside.


Rebecca, I will be presenting this to Heritage Presbyterian Church members on Sunday and several other organizations. Thanks for all you do to help others.


Great idea. Unfortunately I can't sew... If I see anything nice on sale in store I'll send it. What sizes are usually asked for and is it only cotton skirts that's wanted? Just checking this is an actual charity and that items reach people. Because it's expensive to post overseas.

Bobby Jain

How I wish I can help those children.

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